Datasheet: De-Huller

Description & Use

Aspiration Unit for Air separation complete with cyclones. Approx. 95% efficiency in classing de-hulled seed and shells. Also optionally includes a sorter for kernels and feed auger in 100mm with inverter. Aspiration unit design may vary from the items shown here.

Capacity: Approximately 300 - 500 kg per hour





5.5Kw 380V

2 x 0.75kW 380V

2 x 0.37kw

2 x 0.13kw vibration
1 x 0.75kW inverter (optional)
Electrical 3 Phase 380V

All motors are 3 phase 380V Volt, 50 Hz unless otherwise indicated


Dimension & Mass

Length 1200mm
Width 1700mm
Height 4000mm
Mass 550kg

Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only