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EXO - Oil Expellers

EXO - Oil Expellers


The small scale oil expelling machinery offered by ABC Hansen offers reliable machinery, at entry level costs, to enable processors to enter the market easily and efficiently.

These versatile machines are able to press a wide range of products, including, but not limited to sunflower, peanuts and other ground nuts, pumpkin seed, macadamia, grape seed, sesame seed, soy beans, cotton seed, tea seed, coconut and maize germ.

Using a shearing and pressure process, to break open the oil cells, and then force the oil from the product through mechanical pressure, the oil is extracted from the product. This process is managed through the segmented screw, bars and rings.

Oil is expelled across the barrel of the machine, and oil cake is discharged at the front end of the machine.

Average efficiency on the machine is an oil residue of approximately 6% in the oil cake.


EXO120 EXO300
Capacity sunflower 120kg/hr 300kg/hr
Capacity ground nuts 60kg/hr 150kg/hr
Gearbox 25:1 25:1
Product temp when expelling 60-80◦C 60-80◦C
Height (mm) 1 850 2 250
Width (mm) 620 670
Length (mm) 970 1 290
Weight (kg) 610 720
Materials Mild Steel / Cast Iron
Consumables Rings/Bars/Bearings/Belts
Power consumption 11KW 22KW

Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only

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