Datasheet: Oil Expeller SGD80

Description & Use

Aspiration Unit for Air separation complete with cyclones. Approx. 95% efficiency in classing de-hulled seed and shells. Also optionally includes a sorter for kernels and feed auger in 100mm with inverter. Aspiration unit design may vary from the items shown here.


Sunflower 60 - 80 kg/hr

*Capacity is dependent on quality and type of seed, moisture, whether de-hulled or not, whether ground, conditioned etc


Worm RPM 60 -120
Main motor 4 - 7.5kW
Motor RPM 4 pole 1460RPM
Gearbox Ratio 1:12 OR AS REQUIRED
Hopper size Approx. 40lt.
Feed adjustment Manual
Electrical 3 Phase 380V
Temperature during expelling

±60C (Inside Barrel)

±50 - 70C (Product)


Dimension & Mass

Length 1130mm
Width 570mm
Height incl. Hopper 1675mm
Mass 268.5kg.
Height of oil and cake at exit Oil 720mm
Cake 670mm


Consumable Parts


Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only