WEAVER Gravity Grain pre-Cleaner.

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The WEAVER Gravity type Grain Cleaner ensures you are always graded right.


No electrical power required as the grain flows at an interchanged sloped angle vertically over screens where fines

are efficiently separated from good kernels. NOTE: Only fines are separated from good kernels. Oversized objects can’t be separated

efficiently with this type of cleaner as it would entail 90%+ of grain to have to pass through the screen.

Dockage is eliminated either at the silo or prior to loading for increased storage and higher dryer efficiency.

The Weaver cleaner can be placed  either at intake or at unload.

Various models with capacities at 40 – 250 tons per hour.



The concept and design has been proven and tested over many installations both on-farm and commercial.

No dust exists the system and no moisture penetrates into the system.

Galvanized construction OPTIONAL but recommended for outdoor applications.

- No moving parts to wear out. No electric motors, no switchgear, no cabling.

One person can change screens when required.

- Screens for all grain and free flowing other material can be supplied.

One access door allows easy servicing.

Lowest cost cleaner available relative to its capacity.



·       Cleaner Stand / inlet spouting as required from bucket elevator, grain pump or other conveyors.

·       Screen Strikers for automated or manually timed screen cleaning at determined intervals.

·       By-pass Kits to allow grain not to pass through the cleaner.

·       Service Platforms and catwalks.

-       UHMW or poly-urethane lining of all wear areas is a highly recommended optional item.



Model                           ZZ15        ZZ30            ZZ50          ZZ80          ZZ100

Kapasiteit MT/uur      40               80               125             200             250

Hoogte (cm)                 255             262             280             272             307

Wydte (cm)                   77.5            77.5            77.5            112.5         112.5

Diepte (cm)                  60               90               120             120             120

Massa (kg)                   180             220             280             455             545

In        (mm)                 200             200             250             400             400

Uit     (mm)                   150             200             250             400             400

Uitskot     (mm)            150             200             250             400             400

Basseer op +2 geel mielies teen 15% vog. Reiniging vermoë word deur verskeie faktore bepaal soos vog, graantoestand ens.


Opsionele items beskikbaar:

·       Staander

·       Sif slaners

·       Verbygaan (by-pass) pakette

·       Diensplatforms



Note:+-39.39 bushels corn / Metric ton