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A sustainable solution to a multi-faceted problem

Complete solutions for conversion of invader bush into animal feed and firewood.
With the right equipment, its easy.
Start with the Grizzly Defender . Designed to cut down bush up to 150mm stems. Self propelled, sturdy, Yamaha Enduro powered.
Clean up with a Grizzly Chain Saw powerful with 49.3cc two stroke petrol engine, selecting thicker wood for firewood and thinner wood up to 75mm for chipping. The thinner branches carries most protein.
Feed thicker wood into an EC approved Grizzly Log Saw - Yamaha Enduro powered, able to handle up to 230mm thick logs. Feed these logs into a splitter (220V single phase electric powered) and pack for firewood.
On the feeding line, the Grizzly 75 Wood Chipper Yamaha Enduro powered chipper (or choose from our wide range of PTO chippers), chips in the field directly into a trailer from where its fed into a Hippo Hammer Mill and from the Hippo you have chosen from the wide range of mills, directly into a Horizontal Mixer (for all mixes) or a Vertical Mixer (if using freely flowing product only) on load cells where lick concentrates can be mixed immediately in accordance with a properly formulated mix - a winter lick and production lick where maize, molasses etc. are added for either a pelleted final feed or a loose lick. Chips or milled bush may be allowed to sundry for some products prior to mixing and finally Pelleting - depending on moisture values required.

So show me the money!

Hammer mill
Pellet mill
Bench Saw
Bag Stitcher


The following bush has been tested and approved for use in feed for ruminants: Sickle bush, black thorn, three thorn, "sand geelhout", raisin bush ("rosyntjiebos") "Gwarriebos", camel thorn, "vaal bos", "karee", "Suidwesdoring" For grassland farmers, our unique HayGraze system enables you to utilize your own hay - even pure veld grass for your winter and production lick as well as full pelleted rations for ruminants and horses.

Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only

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