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ABCHansen can design and build quality solutions that can meet the specific requirements of your line of business and the constraints in your application.

  • Analogue - Pit less (above ground) or In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Axle Weighing - In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Digital/Electronic - Pit less (above ground) or In Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Low Profile - Pit less (above ground)
  • Portable - Surface operated - Pit less and on the ground
  • Split Deck Weighbridges – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Static – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Self-contained – Pit-less (above ground) or In-Pit (Flush with the road/ground)
  • Weigh In Motion - Surface operated – Pit-less and on the ground


The self-contained truck scale is the ideal answer when a scale is needed that can be moved from one site to another site. Typically industries such as quarries, sand and gravel pits, lumber and logging companies must relocate equipment from time to time to maintain efficient product flow. The ABCHansen truck scales contribute to the ease and efficiency of these required moves, and the complete scale is contained in modules which are furnished with easy lifting devices to improve relocation logistics. Simply lift, move, and lower the scale to its new location for weighing with minimal time and effort. The scale can be placed on compacted surfaces or similar surfaces for an economical installation.


Metal and Modular Weighbridges

Two above-ground models:

  • Semi-permanent, to be sealed on concrete foundation piers,
  • Semi-permanent to be put on simplified platform or on strong road system.

Advantages and benefits:

  • The split weighbridges give perfect access to the load cells and makes cleaning and maintenance operations easier due to the removable central platform plates.
  • The Split Deck Weighbridge reduces civil engineering costs to the maximum.
  • The Split Deck Weighbridge is very low and allows for the use of very short access ramps.
  • Movable on only one lorry.
  • Easy and quick mounting.
  • Optional metal header and metal access ramps.
  • Excellent option for export packaging.

Complete Weighbridge Deck range

The Complete Weighbridge Deck comes in comes in different lengths (3 to 36 meters), widths (3 to 5 meters) and capacities (10 to 100 tons).

Advantages and benefits:

  • It is very robust,
  • Limits civil engineering works, and
  • Its design integrates wheel-guides that make it particularly adapted to an aboveground installation.

SCARAB - Heavy Duty Special Mining Weighbridges (up to 700t and more)

ABCHANSEN can meet specific needs for loading stations requiring large-dimension or large-capacity weighbridges (e.g. dumper weighing). Heavy-Duty Scales for Off-Road Vehicles as Mine Dump Trucks. Although ABCHansen has a broad line of standard scale models, they also in manufacture custom truck weigh in motion truck scales of different lengths, widths, and capacities for your special needs. The mining, construction, steel, aggregate, and forestry industries demand rugged, high-quality scales built to unique specifications that will provide dependable performance for extreme duty cycles and that accommodate the largest off-road vehicles (up to 700ton).

NO WEAR --- Unlike many scales of this type, the SCARAB has no moving or delicate parts to wear or parts that require replacement. Down time is infrequent.

Weigh-In-Motion WEIGHBRIDGE --- The heavy-duty fabricated steel weighbridge is designed to prevent lateral forces from being transmitted to the load cells.

SIMPLE MAINTENANCE --- The heavy-duty structural WIM weighbridge design limits maintenance to simple periodic inspection of the restraint systems and the location of load cells with respect to their mounting plates, and nothing else.

SCARAB CAL --- The Hydraulic calibration press allows precise and easy calibration and avoids the strenuous and time consuming efforts associated with test trucks and weights, and the horrendous tasks of fitting 200-300tons of weight on a restricted surface of about 3x2m.


The ABCHansen Truck Scale Range features an automatic movement restraint system to protect key components from damage whilst providing the required legislative accuracy and reliability. Available in complete deck or split deck steel modular designs, these scales offer strength, quality, and dependable accuracy.


The load cell is the heart of the ABCHansen weighbridge. Our load cells, are designed, manufactured and tested to stringent international standards in quality, perfectly meet the very harsh operating conditions required for effective and productive use of weighbridges. The design of the ABCHansen weighbridges provides weighbridges with a minimal height, reducing entrance and exit ramp lengths, and ultimately reducing capital civil construction costs.

Analogue or digital technology?

Analogue load cells: analogue strain gauge load cells have commonly been used on electronic weighbridges for many years. This traditional technology has proven its worth in terms of performance and reliability, and ultimately remains the least costly.

Digital load cells: Allows access to the latest and new functionalities in technology. The information is secured from external interferences as overvoltage, lightning, power surges and a self-diagnostics can warn on events that can lead or cause an error, therefore guaranteeing reliable weighing each time. Its interconnectivity architecture enables the installation to be extremely flexible, and connections to external displays to any network point a reality.

Junction boxes in IP67 alumina or stainless steel enables and can connect 4 and more load cells in a quality configuration per junction box in an intelligent engineered manner. Load cells are also available in Explosion Proof compliant configurations and versions for the weighbridges to be installed in potentially explosive zones.


An instrument in a weighbridge solution is in essence a prominent interface between the measurement unit (the load cell) and the management system. The ABCHansen instrument options offer multiple connections with industrial computers or PCs and remote displays, in compliance with trade use aspects. The weighbridge instrument offer for weighbridges from ABCHansen can adequately supply power for up to 16 analogue or digital load cells, and thus manage large or more weighbridge modules.

These weighbridge instruments are simple, user-friendly and efficient and use weighbridge application software that meets any need for entirely autonomous weighing. Supplied with the ability it is also able to communicate directly with several types of printers.

Economical and innovative, some of these instruments can monitor and control the input or output of traffic lights locally for one or more weighbridges.

The top of the range weighbridge terminal is an efficient and comprehensive weighing data management tool for weighbridges. Supplied with a graphical screen, it offers great ease of use and performances as:

  • Configurable files,
  • Weighing logs and diaries, and saving thereof,
  • Selective data totals by, for example - date to date,
  • Automatic vehicle loading,
  • Data downloading to the PC locally or remotely.


Remote displays show the weight to the driver at distance.

Close proximity reading

  • Large digits
  • Color configurable backlighting
  • Weather & condition rated
  • Back lighting

Long distance reading

  • Very Large digits
  • High intensity red LED displays which are easily visible and legible
  • Adapted to outdoor use
  • Multi-protocol (can be connected to numerous brands' of indicators).


Automated weighing terminals

The automated weighing terminal allows weighing without any constraints of time and without any operator. It also supports transaction data acquisition and guarantees the traceability of weighing operations automatically. These weighing terminals are equipped with a man-machine interface (alphanumeric keyboard dynamic function keys, backlit graphical screen), badge reader, printer, intercommunication system...

These weighing terminals can be connected to a PC equipped with the ABCHansen PROWEIGH software program or to your computer system via the Ethernet network. ABCHansen will study the options to optimize and provide the best solution to fulfil traffic and weighing management.


PROWEIGH - a complete and modular software offer.

From basic solutions to comprehensive or sophisticated architectural requirements, customised software can meet all vehicle weighing needs on weighbridges. Driven by customer and ABCHansen knowledge and experience of industrial weighing applications installed all over Africa, ABCHansen offers professional solutions of well proven and customised software modules for various industries: agriculture, mining, environmental, waste, manufacturing, petroleum, oil or gas extraction, etc.

Entirely configurable

  • File configuration
  • Report configuration

Modular and upgradeable

Adding extra weighbridges, weighing terminals, and peripherals is extremely easy and can be performed with additional new system configurations.


The site configuration and layout offer can be complemented with numerous accessories, as for example, automatic barriers, guardrails, video and photo cameras, traffic lights and other deceleration devices as road humps that can complete your installation.

OPTIONAL GRAIN DUMP MODULES available on all ABCHansen truck scales


Reducing the Risk with a Single Source Manufacturing:

When purchasing a truck scale it is important to consider availability and warranty concerning ALL the Truck Scale components. ABCHansen produces and warrants every component in the scale including the steel, the load cells, the electronic junction boxes and the weight instrument. All of this provides the client minimum risk in a long term investment.

Superior Weighbridge Design:

ABCHansen use quality welding systems and procedures to insure continuity of all welding and fabrication. ABCHansen has over 40 years of high capacity steel and scale experience, and the ABCHansen truck scales will provide years of reliable operation.

Load Cells:

The most important component of a truck scale is the load cell. ABCHansen boasts the use of some of the most advanced and leading load cell manufacturers. The Truck Scale load cells are ensured to have been individually tested to meet and exceed design parameters and are environmentally-sealed to insure that your scale performs well even in the harshest environments possible.

Exterior Weighbridge Protection:

All of the steel used in the ABCHansen truck scales is well prepared and then painted with durable paints and/or rust prevention/limiting chemicals. This is unmatched for total environmental protection.

Weight Indicators or Instruments:

ABCHansen use application specific weight indicators designed to meet many operational sequences required for efficient business operation. Many of these instruments have NEMA or equivalent enclosures for added protection in harsh environments where these truck scales operate. Wireless options can even eliminate costly construction work for the running of cumbersome lines and the digging of trenches across the facility.

Junction and Electronic Boxes:

ABCHansen adds value where you least expect it. The ABCHansen electronic junction boxes feature alumina or stainless steel NEMA protection to prevent weather from affecting the way your scale performs.

Automated Systems Design:

Whether the requirement is for an unattended operation, special materials tracking, multiple scales for in and out weighing, or bar code scanners, ABCHansen can customize our solutions to comply with your needs and requirements. We will not change the way you do things, we will make what you do more efficient to save you money in the long run.

Security of Operation:

Digital load cells and compliant electronics and instrumentation can provide you with added service support when you need it most and further protect you from unnecessary down time. The system is designed to alert you of errors in the weighing components.

2 Year Bridge-And-Below Warranty:

To give you peace of mind and ensure that you make the best buying decision by using the ABCHansen products, we proudly boast a 2-year warranty covering manufacturer defects in the weighbridge and electronic components under the scale.

Made In South Africa:

You have the opportunity to purchase from a South African manufacturer with 40 years of manufacturing experience. Your risk is eliminated when you own an ABCHansen truck scale. You have only one source and one call to make for new products and service support. Design, manufacture, and service are all part of the ABCHansen quality oriented philosophy.



Mass Measuring  - Weigh Bridges and Scales that's any cattleman's dream. Grain handling.

The Scarab* In Motion and Static Portable Mining Truck Scales / Haul Truck Scales offer an Weighing Speed of up to 8kmh & approximate accuracy of ±2% in-motion and ±0.2% static.

The rhinoceros beetle is a genus of the Scarab Beetle family and is the strongest creature in the world and can lift 850 times its own body weight.

The ABC Hansen Scarab Static & In Motion Mining Dump Truck Scale is the ultimate in weighing technology for off-road heavy haulage applications. Each system is designed to optimize accuracy and efficiency of use, and is built to last! The Scarab is a portable mining truck scale made up of a combination of individual weigh pads which measure the load on each wheel of a dump truck. Its modular design enables it to be configured to weigh any make and model of mining dump truck.

  • Up to 690 ton gross weighing capacity. The largest dump truck at present in the world has a pay-load of some 659 tons and weighs in by itself at some 460 tons.
  • 8 Individual wheel & axle weights
  • In-motion or static weighing modes
  • Multiple pad configuration
  • Manned or automatic operation
  • International design and technology
  • User friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Simple onsite test calibration and servicing

Load Sensors

Each SCARAB Mining Truck Scale weigh pad incorporates multiple heavy duty OIML approved temperature compensated load cells. The positioning of these sensors within the pad allows for off-centre wheel loads to be measured accurately and with a safe over load sufficient to deal with the inertia and shock effects of a loaded mining truck braking on the weigh pad.


The SCARAB Mining Truck Weighing System features a PC controller mounted in a weatherproof enclosure loaded with custom software to accurately measure the load on each wheel either statically or in-motion up to a speed of 12km/h. Total truck weight is derived from the summation of the individual wheel and axle loads.


Each SCARAB Portable Mining Truck Weighbridge is factory calibrated prior to shipment. ABC Hansen also offer an in-field re-calibration service.


Approximate accuracies of 0.2% in static mode and 2% in dynamic (in-motion) mode are achievable based upon installation / vehicle conditions and the operational use of the system. Note: Accuracies are based upon correct installation / vehicle conditions, and correct operational use of the system and any other interfering influences that may be present.


*The Megasoma Elephas is another genus of the Scarab Beetle family with exceptional power.

The Next Generation Axle Scales reduce the risk of overloading penalties

'MEGASOMA' is the new semi portable truck axle scale. It has large weighing surface and provides an excellent accuracy in static and dynamic mass measurement.


  • Semi portable
  • User friendly
  • Accurate, Robust, Reliable
  • PC compatible / data storage and customised reports


ABC HANSEN puts at your disposal a weighbridge know-how based on more than 40 years of agricultural and industrial experience in weighbridges throughout Africa. From the design of weighbridges to the manufacture of weighbridges in our Pretoria based manufacturing plant, from the weighbridge platform, the weighbridge load cell and weighbridge software, to the weighing terminal, ABCHANSEN offers a comprehensive range of weighbridge solutions for trucks, lorries, grain cars, mining truck scales and weighing for numerous industries and applications.


Our managers and engineers make use of their weighbridge experience, skill, innovations and anticipated future technologies to advise and help you to define and set up your plans for your weighbridge solution. Your contact whom you will speak to for your weighbridge application, will be able to inform you on the type of installation, in pit or above ground, on where to install your weighbridge on your site, on the choice of the electronic equipment, or system software for weighing management, as complex as your needs may be. ABCHANSEN grants technical weighbridge solution assistance from the moment plans are delivered to the moment the weighbridge is put into service.


As a weighbridge is a long-term investment and an important part of your production and as it is subjected to intensive and harsh use, it is necessary to choose a quality, durable but affordable and robust product.

Such considerations include, but are not limited to:

Metal or concrete platforms?

Most ABCHANSEN weighbridges are built with designed, fabricated and approved metal modules and combinations thereof to obtain predetermined size and capacity requirements, and ABCHansen predominantly use ball and cup load cells, which offers numerous advantages:

  • Shock impacts occurring when vehicles brake are softened due to the roller bearing effects of the load cells.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced due to minimal shock degradation due to the roller bearings absorbing the utmost shock and Scarabs, both longitudinally and laterally.
  • Metal weighbridges are not as heavy as precast or concrete weighbridges and can be exposed to frequent moving/transfers for which it is nice to have light parts at one's disposal.

Which dimensions?

A small weighbridge (5.5, 6, 8, 10, 11 or 12m long by 3m wide) is enough for the weighing of waste dump trucks for household waste collection and farm trailers for grape harvests. Most semi-trailers can be weighed on a 14/16.5-metre weighbridge whereas an 18-metre weighbridge will be chosen for tractor-trailer weighing, and a 22 or 24m weighbridge is used for an Interlink. According to your needs, ABCHANSEN offers weighbridges of varying length or of a specific width (e.g. loading station, dumper scale).

In-pit or above-ground installation?

The type of installation, in put or above ground, depends on the site. An in-pit weighbridge fits more easily into an existing or where height is restricted, or where axle loads are to be determined by using our axle-weigh software. The in-pit weighbridge also has a smaller footprint requirement. It is often an ideal solution when the weighbridge is situated in a yard. An above-ground weighbridge is more accessible for cleaning operations, which is pleasant in difficult applications as waste, quarries, sand or similar areas. This type of installation requires a larger footprint for access ramps. The required civil engineering work is less and far more economical in comparison to in-pit installations.

Which capacity and accuracy?

The weighbridges of small dimensions usually have about 30-tonne capacity with a 10/20kg graduation. For other dimensions, the standard is a 60/80tonne capacity with a 20/50kg graduation. ABCHansen weighbridges can be supplied with 2 measuring ranges which is very interesting for the weighing of small vehicles. (e.g. 10/20kg graduation up to 30 tons then 20/50kg graduation up to 60 tons or 50kg graduation for larger capacities). The capacity of our special mining weighbridges go up to 690 tons)

Road & Offroad Weighbridges

image of a mining truck on a weighbridge photo of a mining truck  on a weighbridge photo of a farm with a weighbridge

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