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FORCE - Portable Mining Truck Scales | Haul Truck Scales

The FORCE In Motion and Static Portable Mining Truck Scales / Haul Truck Scales offer an unbeatable Weighing Speed of up to 12kmh & approximate accuracy of ±0.5% in-motion and ±0.05% static *

The Trakblaze FORCE Static & In Motion & Static Mining Dump Truck Scales are the ultimate in weighing technology for off-road heavy haulage applications. Each system is designed to optimize accuracy and efficiency of use, and is built to last! Unlike standard full deck truck weighbridges, the FORCE is a portable mining truck scale made up of a combination of individual weigh pads which measure the load on each wheel of a dump trucks. Its modular design enables it to be configured to weigh any make and model of mining dump truck.
  • Up to 1200t gross weighing capacity
  • Individual wheel & axle weights
  • In-motion or static weighing modes
  • Multiple pad configuration
  • Manned or automatic operation
  • Basically service free
  • Australian and German design and technology
  • User friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Simple onsite test calibration and servicing

Load Sensors

Each Force Mining Truck Scale weigh pad incorporates multiple heavy duty OIML approved temperature compensated load cells. The positioning of these sensors within the pad allows for off-centre wheel loads to be measured accurately and with a safe over load sufficient to deal with the inertia and shock effects of a loaded mining truck braking on the weigh pad.


The FORCE Mining Truck Weighing System features a PC controller mounted in a weatherproof enclosure loaded with custom software to accurately measure the load on each wheel either statically or in-motion up to a speed of 12km/h. Total truck weight is derived from the summation of the individual wheel and axle loads.


Each FORCE Portable Mining Truck Weighbridge is factory calibrated prior to shipment. Trakblaze also offer an in-field re-calibration service, with each weigh pad designed to accommodate a NATA traceable portable calibration press.


Approximate accuracies of 0.05% in static mode and 0.5% in dynamic (in-motion) mode are achievable based upon installation / vehicle conditions and the operational use of the system. Note: Accuracies are based upon correct installation / vehicle conditions, and correct operational use of the system and any other interfering influences that may be present.

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