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TRAKMATE - Train Weighing and Balancing System

In Motion and Static (Ideal for railway workshops)

Trakmate is a new type of static/in-motion train weighing and balancing system designed to take the hard work out of building accurate, cost effective wheel/axle weigh stations for all types of locomotives and rolling stock. Trakmate is the real solution for weighing and balancing in any manufacturing, rail maintenance workshop or any other suitable application.

Why should a rail vehicle be weighed and balanced:

  • Possibly prevent derailments
  • To improve safety
  • Prevent break lockups & wheel flat spots
  • Evenly balanced rail vehicles provide smoother mobility in turn providing better fuel economy
  • Prevent rail vehicles & rail track infrastructure damage


  • Simple to install
  • User friendly
  • Suits all rail types
  • Heavy duty - with built in overload protection
  • Temperature compensated
  • Any wheel/weight combination can be calculated

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