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TURBO - Trackside Monitoring System

TURBO Trackside Monitoring System is the total solution for the measurement of train loads, wheel flats and defects

A TURBO Sensor is simply clamped to the rail, thus no modification whatsoever is required to the existing rail track. Once it's installed it remains in position for years. Its robustness and self-sufficiency make it suitable for remote areas. It will stand any climate and transmit data via internet, GSM, radio or satellite. This system can also run on solar power when required. TURBO System assures the protection of infrastructure from excessive wear. It provides immediate information on the status of the wheels' tread defects like flat spots, spalling, shelling, out-of-roundness etc. The gathered long term trends of these quality characteristics can save a huge amount of money on maintenance costs.


  • Certified by German Federal Railway
  • Suitable for all rail types, no modifications required
  • Self calibration, self learning
  • Measuring speed up to 400kmh


  • Wheel defects and load unbalances provoking safety concerns will not go undetected.
  • One single passage, and static and dynamic wheel forces are well known.
  • Limit values based on vehicle type.
  • Train and vehicle identification.
  • Limit values monitoring.


  • TURBO will identify all vehicle types even without RFID tags. Optionally wagon numbers can be read optically.
  • Automated train and wheel/rail force analysis.
  • Load displacement within axle, bogie and vehicle.
  • Wheel flat spots, out-of-roundness, corrugation, polygonisation. There are many kinds of defects a wheel and its tread might have: TURBO identifies them all and automatically report their type and extent.


  • Workshop tread and roundness measurements can be dispensed with.
  • Wheels and bogies will be maintained only when necessary. The workshop will know what to do before the train arrives at the workshop.
  • Every wheel of a train passing repeatedly is monitored closely. Developing defects are observed and reported.

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