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BL - Horizontal Blender


The ABC Hansen horizontal paddle blenders is suitable for blending of nearly all dry materials. In total capacities ranging from 500 liter to 3,000 and effective capacities of 250liters to 750liters For the 500 liter blender an in-line gear box may be used, or an angled gearbox. The 1,500 liter and the 3,000 liter will be driven by a sprocket and chain to an in line or angled reducer. Horizontal and paddle blenders are especially effective when mixing high roughage content mixes.

Uses include, but not limited to blending of:

  • Starch products
  • Cement products
  • Malted barley/beer ingredients
  • Bread flour
  • Confectionary ingredients
  • High roughage animal feed
  • Baking pre-mix
  • Granular plastics
  • Low roughage animal feed
  • Granular chemicals fertilizer
  • Wood chips and dust


500lt 1500lt 3000lt
Height (mm) 2,450mm 2,450mm 2,520mm
Width (mm) 820mm 1200mm 1,650mm
Length (mm) 1500mm 1,850mm 1,995mm
Weight (kg) 350kg 550kg 850kg
Materials Mild Steel / Stainless / 3CR / Painted finish
Consumables Gear oil / Paddles
Effective capacity (liters)/batch 250 liters 750 liters 1,500 liters
Mix capacity@650kg/m³/batch 165kg 480kg 975kg
Power spec (50HZ/400V) 4KW 11KW 18.5KW

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