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Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators, Chains, belts & loops

Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevators from 5 - 15 tons per hour are imported and again from 150 tons and larger. Other capacity elevators are manufactured by ABC Hansen Africa. Bucket elevators allows the relatively gentle handling of products and is much less abrasive on product than augers. Elevators can be equipped with down pipes for transporting the product to nearby silos or locations while the height increases directly in relation to the horizontal distance to be loaded to as the angle should not be less than 40 - 45 degrees. The down side of downpipes is relatively fast wear and tear so commercial enterprises would elect the elevator to load into a conveyor whether chain or belt, for horizontal conveyance or may require downpipes to be lined. ABC Hansen offers poly-urethane lining on such elevators. Distributors from two to five ways are optional. The ABC Hansen Weaver gravity cleaners are optional and a good way to separate fines.

Chains & belts

Chain and belt conveyors are part of the ABC Hansen program of grain handling equipment. All capacities and sizes and catered for, from small inclined belts conveying 1-5 tons per hour to large beltand chain conveyors for 200 tons per hour. Lengths of these conveyors can be supplied as per application. Incline chain conveyors are also supplied which is extremely useful when interfacing with another piece of equipment of when unloading into trucks or cleaners or dryers.

Grain pumps (loops)

Used in conjunction or on its own grain pumps are easy and very efficient grain conveyance systems and many has been installed around Africa by ABC Hansen. The company is the foremost expert in Africa on this device.

Capacities tons per hour5; 15; 25;40;100;150;200; 250;400
Coating Painted, galvanised, stainless steel
Height (in to out) 4 meter to 40 meters
Buckets Poly-ethylene, urethane, nylon, steel
Drive1.1 to 55kW geared motors with backstop
Belts Rubber/Woven Poly/PVC/Canvas
ProductsAll free flowing products
TowersOptional -small elevators, required - large
Power consumption3KW - 55KW
Rotor RPM65-75RPM

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