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CA-Above ground grain reception

Triangular reception bin - CAR
Rectangular reception bin - CARR
Powered hopper - CARPH


In processing and storage facilities where drive over dump pits aren't feasable, various above ground steel reception bins are offered, to suit customer needs such as:

  1. Triangular reception bins with gravity feed (shown above)
  2. Rectangular reception bins with auger feed
  3. Powered hoppers.


Power source Gravity feed
Capacity Up to 80 tons per hour
Height 1,200mm
Width 2,900mm
Length 2,000mm
Net weight 250kg-350kg


Power 2.2KW-7.5KW
Capacity 10T-80T per hour
Height 1,200mm
Width 1,200mm
Length 3,000mm-6,000mm
Net weight 350kg-500kg

Powered hopper

Power 2.2KW-7.5KW
Capacity 40T-80T per hour
Height 350mm intake, 760mm outlet
Width 850mm
Length Hopper - 1,220mm. Total length: 3,150mm
Net weight 120kg-175kg

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