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CLA - Aspiration channel

Double aspiration leg - typically for a degermination system


ABC Hansen offers a range of aspirator for removing light particles - typically placed after a cleaning, degermination or dehulling operation. Capacities range from 500kg to 200 tons per hour, dependant on product cleaned, moisture content and percentage of waste material in the product, and also if the aspirator is used in a final cleaning operation (lower capacity with better cleaning, or in a pre-cleaning operation (higher capacity with less cleaning)

Typically aspirators are used in the following applications: Final and pre-cleaning: To remove lighter particles, like husk, leaves, grass etc from the product

Sometimes before and sometimes after the size sorting process Degermination: To remove the bran from the samp and chips after the degermination process Dehulling: To remove the bran from the dehulled product after the dehulling process Wheat Scourers: To remove the bran from the scoured wheat after scouring

Working principle

A perspex plate is mounted into the aspiration channel body, which is adjustable either closer or further away from the back plate of the aspiration channel body, effectively increasing or decreasing the size of the channel between the body and the perspex plate. When air is sucked through the channel by the fan - decreasing the size of the channel will increase the speed of the air being sucked through the channel, thus increasing the suction power of the channel, and thus increasing the weight of the particles that the channel can remove from the product passing through the channel - increasing the size of the channel does the reverse, decreasing the speed of the air flowing through the channel and decreasing the weight of the particles that the aspirator will remove from the product passing through the channel.

The perspex plate is adjusted till the optimum air speed is achieved, which removes the maximum of the lighter (usually trash) particles, and leaves the heavier (usually good) product to fall through to the collection hopper below.


On medium and high capacity models, the aspirator has a vibration motor mounted to the reception hopper, to ensure an even distribution of product over the entire channel The vibration motor will also be mounted on lower capacity models, when the unit is handling a non free flowing product, to prevent bridging of the product in the hopper.

Clear perspex plate used for the aspiration adjustment plate - for easy inspection of the flow of product - especially when setting up, and for quality control.


Width 400mm 1080mm 1580mm
Height 1455mm 1455mm 1455mm
Length 350mm 525mm 525mm
Air requirement 20-30m³/m 45-60m³/m 80-120m³/m
Capacity 4-8TPH 8-15TPH 8-15TPH
Weight 45kg 85kg 120kg
Volume 0.8m³ 1.2m³ 1.9m³

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