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Cleaner Egret

CLNEGR40 - Egret Cleaner

Cleaner Egret
Cleaner Egret
Cleaner Egret

The ABC Hansen Egret 40 cleaner sifts out the trash (husks, stalks, cobs etc) as the grain and fine trash fall through the inside screen and into the outside screen. The trash is sent out a chute located at the rear of the inside cone screen. The grain and fines then run along the outside screen, allowing the fines to fall through and the clean grain to exit at the back end of the cleaner. The setting for finer cleaner with a flatter angle, or a steeper angle for higher capacity (and less effective cleaning) is easily adjustable using the adjustable front legs on the cleaner. The 203mm intake auger is driven by a separate motor, and the trash discharge auger as well. The internal trash auger is driven by a chain running from the shaft of the rotating drum. Mobile/ Stationary options, and aspiration is also an option. The cleaner is fitted with durable galvanized welded mesh screens, for long life and precise hole sizes. The cleaner can be used for maize, soy beans, wheat, millet, mahango, beans, barley, canola and most free flowing products.


Power 5.5KW+1.1KW+4KW+3KW
Capacity 20-40TPH*
Total Screen area 8.9M2
Length 4195MM WITH DRAWBAR 2850MM
Width 2400MM
Height MOBILE - 2500MM
Net weight 725KG

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