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Cleaner Partridge

CLR2-3- Partridge

CLR2-3-Cleaner Partridge

The Partridge rotary cleaner was designed specifically for cleaning soy been seeds for re-planting. This relatively simple and low priced cleaner removes foreign material from the seeds and has a too small and too large screening. Vibration and eccentric cleaners simply does not do a good enough job of separating especially split kernels. The screening may be followed by an aspiration process whereby all light particles are removed through an air channel.

The Partridge rotary cleaner has a brush keeping stuck particles from clogging the screen with every revolution. The cleaner has a gear drive and is fitted standard with an inverter to control the speed of the rotor. The screen can be changed without removing the rotor but the roto can also be lifted out relatively easily for working outside the machine.body. Oversized product flows over the screen and correct sized product passes through the screen onto the bottom screen with the smaller perforations. The under sized product then passed through the bottom screen, whilst the good product runs over the bottom screen. The over and undersized particles (trash) are discharged from the cleaner on the front left side and at the back with the good product being discharged on the front right side. A simple but effective bag-off device is located at each discharge point. The bag-off points are easily reachable when changing bags.


Width 950mm
Height 1960mm

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