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Cleaner: Francolin - Vibration Type

Cleaner Francolin Vibration Type
Cleaner Francolin Vibration Type
Cleaner Francolin Vibration Type

The Francolin vibration cleaner is used for the removal of most foreign material from the raw product being screened, based on size. The vibration cleaner removes all particles that are larger or smaller than the raw material being cleaner, including particles such as metal, dust, stones, husk, and sand from the grain. The screening may be followed by an aspiration process whereby all light particles are removed through an air channel.

The Francolin Vibration Cleaner has an easy to remove screen cartridge, making for easy replacement of damaged screens, and for easy switching between different grain types.

The cleaning action is achieved when the product is agitated over the top screen, with the larger perforations, by means of an vibration action on the cleaner body using vibration motors on the screen body. Oversized product flows over the screen and correct sized product passes through the screen onto the bottom screen with the smaller perforations. The under sized product then passed through the bottom screen, whilst the good product runs over the bottom screen. The over and undersized particles (trash) are discharged from the cleaner on either side, and the good product is discharged at the front of the cleaner for easy bag-off or connection to the rest of the process line.

Specifications CLV5 CLV8
Power 1.8KW 2KW
Capacity 5TPH* 8TPH*
Length 2,510mm 2,510mm
Width 1,540mm 2,120mm
Height 1,880mm 2,170mm
Total Screen area 4m² 6m²
Net weight 1000KG 1200KG


Approximately 2500 - 10000 kg per hour based on quality and type of seed, moisture, quantity of foreign matter etc.

Main vibration motors (2) 0.75kW
Aspirator motor 2.2 - 4 kW
Motor RPM – Vibration 2840RPM
Motor RPM - Aspirator 2840RPM
Hopper size ±50kg Wheat
Feed adjustment Manual
Discharge Over, Under, selected sizesLower mass
All motors are 3 phase 380V Volt, 50 Hz unless otherwise indicated

Size of steel screens
Length 920mm
Width 900mm
Number of screens 2

Height of inlet, waste and cleaned product at exit
Inlet 1790mm
Waste 1 1200mm
Waste 2 659mm

Technical Data
Model Required Air m3/min Sifter Sizes (cm) Capacity (t/h) Weight (kg)
Bucket Cleaning Width (cm) Length (cm) Bucket Cleaning Net Gross
MSG 100x150 70 50 100 2x75 15 8 540 740
MSG 100x200 90 50 100 2x100 25 15 550 800
MSG 150x200 130 80 150 2x100 80 20 1250 1400

Spare parts & Consumables

  • Screens
  • Agitators
  • Dust filter bags

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