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Cleaner: Quail - Eccentric Type

Description & Use

Two models are available:
  1. With eccentric drive.
  2. With vibration motors.
For removal of all foreign objects, seeds and particles such as metal, dust, stones, husk, and sand from grain. The screening may be followed by an aspiration process whereby all light particles are removed by air.


Approximately 2000 kg per hour based on quality and type of seed, moisture, level of foreign matter etc.

Cleaner Aspirator
Motor size 0.75 kW 4 kW
Mount (Foot/Flange) Foot Flange
Rpm 1450 RPM 2800 RPM
All motors are 3 phase 380V Volt, 50 Hz unless otherwise indicated

Dimension & Mass
Length 1250 mm
Width 950 mm
Height 1550mm
Mass 200kg.+ 35kg. (aspirator)

Spare parts & Consumables

  • Screens
  • Bearings
  • Shaft
  • Filter bags
  • Belting

Optional items excluded unless specifically mentioned:

Magnet: Is included in the hopper of the cleaner.


The seed is transported into the cleaner hopper which has an adjustable feed onto the screens.
The seed should run towards the middle and center of the top screen for efficient screening.
Larger particles will run over the top screen while smaller particles will fall through the top screen and onto the bottom screen and run over the bottom screen to discharged at the front of the machine and into the aspirator if the aspirator is fitted in front of the cleaner rather than on top, the preferred position of the aspirator. The fine particles will pass through the bottom screen and be discharged at the side, alongside the large particle discharge.
The length of the stroke can be adjusted at the bearing and shaft at the back of the machine by loosening the bolts and sliding the tray closer or further away from the shaft to obtain optimal performance.
The correctly screened product shall be allowed to pass into the aspirator reception slot. The strength of the air removing lighter particles can be set by the top dampener, below the suction unit.
The velocity of the air can be set by opening or closing the adjustable front cover at the front of the aspirator. Ideally some good seed should be suspended approximately six inches above the intake while not being sucked into the suction unit. Only lighter particles should be sucked into the suction unit.
The sucked product and air would be separated in the cyclone where the heavier particles would drop down into the cyclone and the bag attached to it while the air would pass through into the filter bag attached to the top of the cyclone at the bottom of the 90 degree bend.


Regularly (at least weekly) grease all bearings and ensure grease penetrates into bearings.
The screens should be cleaned daily or if running at 24 hour shifts, twice daily or as required.
The filter bag should be thoroughly shaken and turned inside out on a daily basis. If the filter is clogged, the system would generate back pressure and not aspirate efficiently. If felt filter fabric is used, DO NOT WASH as this will ruin the filter bag. Other fabrics may in some cases be washed.
Belting should be replaced annually.
Wire fitting to motor should be secured monthly. Care should be taken that the connection box stays clean and sealed and free of foreign matter.
If a magnet (optional) is included in the hopper of the cleaner, this magnet should be cleaned daily.

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