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Containerized Maize Mill

containerized maize mill

This revolutionary milling system has the following major advantages:

  • Extremely compact.
  • Completely mobile – easy to move the mill to a different location if the need arises.
  • Additional containers may be added on site to allow for storage of final product, an office, personnel housing etc.
  • When shipping by sea, structural work on the container would have to take place at destination to retain seaworthy integrity. This may either be undertaken by ABC Hansen or the customer in accordance with drawings provided.
  • Precludes the need for special buildings, storage silos, electrical installation etc.
  • Operator friendly with minimum personnel required.
  • Bulk handling and automated flow of product.
  • Includes cleaning system to remove all foreign material from grain before milling
  • Conditioning of grain before milling for better quality
  • De-germinator or polishing to separate bran and maize germ meal from samp and to remove some bran from wheat and sorghum before milling.
  • Utilisation of the best milling option for highest quality according to the grain and specifications required.
  • Sifter to grade the end product for high quality end product or as control sifter.
  • No installation costs / technician from ABC Hansen at site required while arrangements can be made for training and commissioning on site by ABC Hansen.
  • Electrical system included, just plug into 3 phase power source. At destination and after containers are stacked, all clearly marked electrical cables are simply plugged into the control panel.
  • The complete system may be energized by a diesel generator if located in a remote area. Between 25KVA and 100 KVA power is required depending on the system.
Containerized Maize Mill. Milling machine. Grain Milling
Containerized Maize Mill 2 Story

ABC Hansen has developed an ideal solution to medium scale maize, wheat, millet, sorghum, teff and other grains by placing such mills inside two containers stacked vertically.

One portion of each container consists of grain storage whereby around 20 – 30 tons of grain can be stored in bulk under perfect silo conditions with aeration and fumigation systems and bulk handling.

Grain is dumped either in bulk from trucks or from bags into a triangular reception bin and is conveyed by means of a bucket elevator or vertical screw conveyor to the top of the stacked silos and from there conveyed by horizontal auger to the storage section.

The second part of each container is used to house the mill.

The stored grain is conveyed by horizontal auger to the vertical auger or bucket elevator to the top of the stacked containers and by horizontal conveyor past the storage section into the milling section’s grain cleaner where the offal is separated from the good quality grain and then dampened or otherwise processed as the case may be for the particular grain being processed.

In the case of maize and wheat, the grain is dampened and conditioned in a first-in-first-out bin. It is then either de-germinated in the case of maize or it passes through a polisher in the case of wheat and sorghum. All offal is sucked off the particular processing machine by air and transported via a cyclone and air valve to the outside of the container where it can be bagged off or handled further in bulk.

The de-germinated or polished grain is then allowed to drop by gravity into either:

  • A 3 or 4 stage vertically stacked roller mill (in the case of wheat and maize if so required).
  • A roller mill plus followed by a stone mill in the case of wheat.
  • A stone mill in the case of teff.
  • A hammer mill in the case of maize / sorghum etc.
  • A plate mill in the case of maize or sorghum
The operation may be concluded by screening out the end product in a rotary sifter or it may be bagged-off direct from the mill.

Containerized Maize Mill 1 Story

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