Datasheet:Level Control

Model: Membrane

Description & Use

The Bin Level Controls from ABC Hansen are used to indicate either high or low levels of solid free flowing products in any size of silo or holding bin. There are two types supplied namely controls obtaining its signal from pressure or controls obtaining its signal through restriction of rotating paddles on a shaft. The latter type can be either sidewall mounted or roof mounted and can have a longer or shorter shaft to which the paddles are attached. The pressure controller is normally sidewall mounted. Applications are usually found in milling plants, silos, industrial applications, buffer bins etc. The advanced plastic housing of the instrument avoids rust or corrosion through oxidization and is treated not to deteriorate through UV exposure. A stainless steel or galvanized hood is normally mounted over the rotational bin level control to avoid interference from grain being loaded.

Dimension & Mass

Length 240mm
Width 240mm
Height 90mm

Finishing color Orange
Activation pressure 450 gr
Exit contacts 15 For max

Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only