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MH47-F/M-Hippo 47 with fan

MH47-F/M-Hippo 47 with fan


The design of the HIPPO HAMMER MILL is unique in that there are no chopping knives, as the material is being fed directly onto the tips of the rotating hammers in the direction in which the hammers are rotating. The milled material is transported from the bottom of the mill housing by means of an optional separate four-bladed fan mounted on the same shaft as the rotor and delivered to the cyclone. A wide range of screens is available, from 25mm down to 0.6mm apperture

The mills are all a bolt together construction, which gives the mill an exceptionally long lifespan, and make replacing of parts easy and quick. HIPPO HAMMERMILLS have been manufactured in South Africa since 1928, and parts are readily available from our warehouse, usually within 24 hour from order.

HIPPO HAMMERMILLS from models Baby up to Size 69 are based on cast iron milling plates, which drastically increases the lifespan of the mill, compared to competitors.

The Hippo 47 is a mid range commercial/industrial mill, with high capacity, and high quality parts. All milling tips are manufactured from Bennox steel to ensure long lifetime on these parts.


Power required: 18.5KW 3 Phase 380V Electric / 20HP Diesel / PTO
Capacity: 0.8mm Screen 520kg/hr
1.6mm Screen 900kg/hr
8mm Screen 2400kg/hr
Capacity is based on dry maize through a 1.6mm screen
Length: 3,254mm
Width: 1,341mm
Height: 2,361mm
Net weight: 252KG
Rotor diameter: 500mm
Number of beaters: 6
Number of tips: 24
Tip Speed: 104m/s
MH47-F/M-Hippo 47 with fan
MH47-F/M-Hippo 47 with fan

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