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MH63 - Hippo L63 Hammer mill

Open Hippo L63
Closed Hippo L63
Hippo L63 with air extraction system


As the second mill in the Hippo Hammer mill range, the L63 is used in commercial and industrial applications. Staying true to the Hippo philosophy of bolt together hammer mills, the mill is a true Hippo, with the lifespan and reliability that customers world wide have come to know and expect.

Applications include - maize milling, bran milling, soy derivative milling, waste wood milling, milling of invader trees into feed, animal feed milling, starch processing, sorghum milling, medical hardware waste destruction, bonemeal processing, tabacco processing. Virtually any relatively dry product can be milled/granulised.

Power requirements is at 55KW - but can be increased or decreased depending on application and screen sizes range between 0.6mm and 25mm

In standard application the mill is fitted with a boot, to fit a screw or belt conveyor unload, but air extraction is also supplied as an optional item, especially on applications where products are milled with a screen finer than 2mm, to increase capacity and reduce heat buildup due to the milling process.


Mass 550kg
Beater centres 22
Tips 44/88
Rotor RPM 2,100
Total length 2,040
Total width 1,295
Total height 1,805
Feed tray length (mm) 700
Feed tray width (mm) 650
Screen area (cm²) 5,788
Capacity (through 1.6mm screen - Clean maize) 3,000kg/hr*
Construction material Mild Steel / Stainless Steel / Bennox Steel
Power requirement 55KW*
Consumables: Tip/Beater Centre/V-Belt
* - dependant on application
Closed Hippo L63
Hippo L63 with air extraction system

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