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MOI-S-Moisture tester Superpro

MOI-S-Moisture tester Superpro


The Superpro Moisture tester is a digital moisture tester with a two line digital read-out.

The grain is grinded and compressed in a single action in the milling chamber, which together with automatic temperature compensation, leads to more reliable results than many other moisture testers.

Features include:

  • Digital readout with results up to 1 decimal
  • Integrated measuring cups
  • Pre-defined quantities programmed into tester for each crop type
  • Grinder chamber in hardened steel for longer lifespan
  • Shipped in non shock ABS plastic carry case to protect the tester when handling in the field
  • Individual calibration slots for all grain types
  • 20 Pre-loaded, pre-calibrated grain types


Power 9V Alkaline battery
Accuracy To 0.1%
Length 210mm
Width 130mm
Height 80mm
Net weight 1.8kg

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