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MRH500TRIP - Hurricane Roller Mill 3 Stage

MRH500TRIP - Hurricane Roller Mill 3 Stage


As part of the range of mills that ABCHansen produces, we also produce a three stage (three sets of rolls) roller mill. Each set of rolls is driven with it's own motor - usually (1) 7.5KW motor (on the first stage) and (2) 5.5KW motors (on stage 2 and 3) The secondary roller is driven via V-belt from the primary roller (see picture above)

This roller mill can be used to produce a "Special" quality meal, if conditioned maize is milled directly through it, and with the three stage system and with the integrated eccentric sifters on the machine, most of the bran can be sifted off to produce an excellent quality Special maize meal.

This roller mill can also be used to produce a Super quality maize meal, if degerminated maize is milled through the mill - this will also increase the capacity of the machine, as the germ meal, and the bran has been removed by the degerminator earlier in the process.

The mill can also be used to produce grits, to mill down soy, TVP, to crack maize and other grains for feed, and to dehull a wide range of products. Roller mills are usefull in any area where a controlled milling process is required for minimal waste due to over aggresive milling.

The advantage of the Hurricane rollermill is that there is a very good distribution of particle size, with a minimum undersized particles (dust) and a maximum of particles within the specified range.

Rolls can be fluted to various specifications, depending on the required final product and input. Rolls can be refluted and sharpened numerous times

Specification table

Conditioned maize Soya Grits Chips & Samp
Capacity (T/h) 900kg/HR 2000kg/hr 1100kg/hr
Height 2,902mm
Width 950mm
Length 1705mm
Weight 1,350kg
No of rolls 6
Size of rolls 500mm length, 250mm diameter
Standard fluting Degerminated maize: 14FPI,16FPI,18FPI
Non-degerminated maize: 12,16,18
Power 7.5KW+5.5KW+5.5KW/380V/50Hz
Materials Painted mild steel construction

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