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POLIS01-Grain Polisher


The ABCHansen grain polisher works on the principle of five (5) abarasion wheels located vertically one over the other and running inside a stationary steel screen (with required opening for the product being handled) removing the outer bran, germ and hull from the kernel and the waste prduct being sucked out with a fan through the screen apertures and through a cyclone to eliminate dust. The polished product can now be milled with low fat and bran/hull content for a higher quality end product. The grain polisher can be used as an alternative to a maize ge-germinator, sorghum de-huller, samp polisher and soy-bean dehullier, and a chick pea-splitter.

Specification table

Conditioned maize Dry soya Dry sorghum
Capacity (T/h) 500kg/h 1000kg/h 650kg/h
Height 2250mm
Width 500mm ex blower / 1200mm with blower attachments
Length 1150mm ex blower / 1550 with blower attachments
Weight 375kg
No. abrasion wheels 5
Size abrasion wheels 350mm x 60mm
Consumables Abrasion wheels, bearings, v-belts, screens
Power 15KW/380V/50Hz
Materials Painted mild steel construction

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