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SGD3000 Degerminator

SGD3000 Degerminator


White or Yellow USA domestic corn Moisture content 20-22 percent Capacity: 125 bushels per hour yields the following per bushel
0.063 kg - germ, hull, cracked corn 0.227 to 2.36 pounds germ (2-1/2 percent oil) 3.18 to 3.4 pounds fat, hull.


There are as many variations of the above data as there are mills. These variations are mostly centered around the following:
Size of hole (diameter) of the perforated plates
Gauge to metal (thickness) of the perforated plates
Direction screen perforation burrs are turned either to the grinding side or away from the grinding side. (Towards is standard).
Number of plates and screens used
Position of grinding rolls (adjustment) Retarding pressure (small weights on discharge gate)
Uniform grain sizes
Type and moisture content of the corn


  • High yield of Grits
  • Minimum production
  • Good degermination and dehulling
  • Minimum grinding of released germ and hull
  • Minimum operation attention
  • Minimum maintenance
  • High capacity
  • Low power requirements
  • Minimum of recycling stock


The Beall Degerminator comes in your choice of two models. The Belt Driven model (shown on the left) offers the same capabilities as the Direct Drive model (shown on the right) and is used when space requirements are not as limited and where specific rpm motors are not available. Required cylinder speed is obtained by the use of v- belt sheaves.

The Cone:

The simplified design and construction of the exclusive Beall Degerminator cone greatly reduces repair costs and downtime. The patterned knobs are chilled iron which resist abrasion, producing long wearability and greatly reduced maintenance costs. With the versatile five section main rotor, which has a maximum rotor speed of 900 rpm, there is no need to replace the entire cone when wear occurs. Any section of the cone may be quickly replaced.

Perforated Plates:

During the degermination process, the detached germ, hulls and tine are discharged through two perforated plates on each side of the casing. Two 1/4” 10 gauge (a lighter gauge can be used) perforated plates are fumished as standard equipment while 7/32” and 9/32“ plates are optional. A maximum of 4 perforated plates can be used per machine.


The most common horsepower sizes used are 40, 60 and 75hp. The maximum horsepower that can be used in the Beall Degerminator is 75hp.

Capacity & Horsepower Requirements:

40 hp 50 - 80 bph
50 hp 70 - 100 bph
60 hp 90 - 110 bph
75 hp 100 - 120 bph

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