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Stand alone sifter
Triple outlet
In line installation


The ABC Hansen Africa Mini Plansifter is a high quality plansifter, with a capacity of between 800kg and 1,500kg per hour, for sifting and grading various products.

The mini plan sifter can be set up with either 2, 3 or 4 discharges, thus sifting into either 2,3 or 4 separations.

Screens sizes range from 200 micron up to 2mm on stainless steel wire mesh, or finer in nylon nylon screens, with a 10mmx10mmx2mm backing screen.

With a weighted eccentric shaft, a rotary shaking action is achieved that can be made more or less aggresive, by adjusting the lead weight attached to the eccentric shaft.

The unit hangs free from the frame by high strength Nylon rods, to ensure the most effective sifting action when in operation.

Rubber balls, brush pads, sifter pads can be added between the screens especially when sifting non flowing products, to increase sifting capacity, to agitate the product on the screen.

The plansifter can be purchased either on a frame, for a stand alone installation, or without a frame, if the unit is used in a multilevel installation.

The plan sifter trays and frames are produced using high quality wood, and can be lined on the inside with either Formica and galvanised steel plate, to prolong the life of the trays, and promote flowing of the product within the plansifter.

Specification table

Maize mealMaize girtsWheat Flour
Capacity (T/h) 1T/H-1.3T/H 1T/H-1.5T/H 800KG/H-1T/H
Height sifter 1400mm
Width sifter 1100mm
Length sifter 1100mm
Weight sifter 350kg
Height frame 1200mm
Width frame 1400mm
Length frame 1400mm
Weight frame 115kg
Power 0.75KW pulley driven on eccentric weighted shaft
Materials Painted mild steel and treated wood

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