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SIRC-Rotary Sifter

SIRC-Rotary Sifter


The rotary sifter is used for separating and grading milled and raw products, based on their particle size. The rotary sifter has one conical shaped screen housing with brush agitators inside the screen housing.

Typically the screen housing will have 2 sizes of screens, to allow for 3 separations on the product being fed over the 800mm long sifting barrel.

The three grades are discharged directly underneath the machine, from where it is either bagged off, or transported with a conveyance system.

The rotary sifter will typically be used in instances where capacity and overall plant cost does not allow for a traditional plansifter.


Power 4KW
Capacity 500kg-700kg/hr
Capacity dependant on moisture content, grain quality and extraction rate, and required particle sizes, as well as grain type.
Length 1,750mm
Width 582mm
Height 1,400mm
Net weight 340kg

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