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Datasheet: GrainSpreader

Model: SP3 & SP4


SP3 60-75 tons/h
SP4 100-125 tons/h

*Capacity is dependent on quality and type of seed and moisture.

Main eccentric motor

Motor 0.75 kW
Feed adjustment Manual
All motors are 3 phase 380V Volt, 50 Hz unless otherwise indicated

Dimension & Mass

SP3 hatch size 1000mm
SP4 hatch size 610mm-1500mm


Specially sealed totally enclosed fan cooled motor, permanently lubricated bearings makes maintenance minimal, the special low stretch Kevlar chord belt ensures that it won’t come off, and the deep V-groove in the pulley, also prevents the belt from slipping off.

The grain spreader ensures the even distribution of grain into your silos,with intake augers of up to 250mm with the SP3A, and even larger quantities with the SP4.
If the incoming grain is not centered the grain guide pans can be adjusted to direct the grain towards the centre of the spreader. The flow control gates are adjusted inwards until the grain just starts to backup into the funnel, this will control the flow of the grain onto the pans in a steady and positive manner.. The spring loaded adjustable fans direct the grain to different areas of the silo and the bottom gates drop the grain into the centre of the bin.

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