Datasheet: Stonemill - Horizontal

Model: 950 and 600

Description & Use

Stone milling is especially suited where dry products with low oil content has to be milled very finely .In the case of grain, a pass through a 160my screen can be as high as 95%. Stone mills offer low investment In fine grinding and low heat transfer to product and runs at low operational cost. Well suited for all grains and spices and can be applied to numerous other products. Product is normal discharged by means of air which increases capacity and retains low milling temperature


  Model 950: Model 600:
Capacity Fine: 350kg/hr 175kg/hr
Capacity Coarse: 1000kg/hr 500kg/hr
Motor: HP 25HP 10HP
Grinding Mill: 300 - 500rpm 480rpm
Width: 1840mm 1340mm
Length: 1380mm 1000mm
Height: 1540mm 1350mm
Weight: 1020kg 650kg

Additional Information



950mm stone mill in application with pneumatic feed.
Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only