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Grain cleaning

Weaver Grain Cleaners

Weaver Grain Cleaners

The Weaver gravity type grain cleaner ensures that you're always graded right
No electrical power is required, as the grain flows at an interchanged sloped angle vertically over screens where fines are efficiently separated from good kernels.

Note: Only fines are separated from the good kernels. Oversized objects can not be efficiently removed from the good kernels with this system, as it would entail approximately 98% of the product having to pass through the screen.

Dockage is eliminated either at the silo or prior to loading for increased storage and higher dryer efficiency.

The Weaver cleaner can be placed either at intake or at unload

Various models - from 40TPH up to 250TPH

The concept and design has been proven and tested over many installations, both on-farm and commercial.
No dust created by the system and no moisture penetrates the system
Galvanized construction OPTIONAL, but recommended for outside installations
No moving parts to wear out, no electric motors,switchgear, cabling
Changing screens is a one person job
Screens for all grain and other free flowing materials can be supplied
One access door allows for easy servicing
Lowest cost cleaner - compared to capacity available

Optional accesories
Cleaner stand / outlet spouting as required from bucket elevator/grainloop or other conveyor
Screen strikers for automated or manually timed screen cleaning at pre-determined intervals
Bypass kits to allow grain to bypass the cleaner, when cleaning isn't required
Service platforms and catwalks
UHMW or poly-ethylene lining of all wear areas

Weaver inner workings
Weaver inner working
Weaver hanging
A hanging Weaver

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