Datasheet:Massmeasuring - Weigh Bridges and Scales

weigh bridges

Description & Use

ABC Hansen Africa manufacturers weighbridges as part of its grain handling program. High quality electronic components are included from reputable local and international companies. Good value bridges with 37kg - 46kg steel beams per running meter as opposed to competitive bridges with only 31 kg/meter. This makes a serious difference in especially high traffic application but also over long term warping. Minimum 8 - 10mm steel sheet are used for no deflection incidence on our bridges. Bridges are designed in accordance with the traffic it bears or is likely to bear over its life. Standard 8 - 10 load cells are used and each bridge comes standard with lightning and electrical surge protection, both being major causes for weighbridge failure.

Optional items excluded unless specifically mentioned:

Product Name Description
Digital connection panel.
Access control and transponders
Galvanizing the bridge.
Steel ramps

Other mass measuring equipment

1. Platform scale
Capacity 150Kg
Platform size 520mm X 400mm
Dial LED Not for commerce
For approved commercial scale, the cost would be slightly higher while the scale quality or accuracy would be identical.

2. Platform Scale
Capacity to 1500KG
Platform size 1200mm X 1200mm
Dial LED Not for commerce
For approved commercial scale, the cost would be slightly higher while the scale quality or accuracy would be identical. This unit's Capacity may optionally be increased to 4 MT.

3. Cattle / sheep / pig scales
For placement in a crush or cage, complete with rechargeable battery, 12V battery and 220V operation. The platform is unique in the sense that it can be split and only one half used for small animals. Its also easy for on person to handle and can fit comfortably in the back of a smaller double cab truck.

Additional Information

ABC AgMass

This is a standard 3 meter wide weighbridge requiring concrete foundation. A low profile bridge with six long supports in standard lengths of 5m, 6m, 9m,12m,18m,22m and 24m and in capacities of 30 - 80 tons. All electronic equipment is included.

The bridge is designed for low traffic cycles up to approximately 100 cycles per week over 52 weeks. Well in excess of any farm requirement.

This bridge may also be supplied without the need for a foundation where a level hard surface (usually tarred or paved) to a density of at least 150 Kn/m2

ABC ComMass

This model is supplied in exactly the same sizes as the ABC AgMass but is designed for heavy traffic up to 400 cycles per day.

Steel ramps are optionally supplied. All electronics, including software, PC and printer is supplied. Installation outside SA borders would attract airfare or road travel costs as well as board and lodging, food etc. for the installation team.

The following options are included in standard execution but may also be excluded on request:

- PC and printer standard supplied.

- Software standard supplied.

- Indicator standard supplied. Digital connection panel is optional.

- UPS is standard supplied.

- Access control and transponders are optional.

- All bridges are epoxy coated. Galvanizing is optional.

- All weighbridges has a 12 month, no questions asked, guarantee.

- Cabling and junction box standard supplied.

- Pre-calibration at factory with final calibration on site for projects within South Africa.

- Final calibration contracted in most countries.

When establishing a silo project interesting savings can be offered whereby the weighbridge foundation costs can be included in the silo foundations.
Technical specifications may be altered without notice. All capacities shown are indicative only