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Electrical Solutions

The ABC Hansen Electrical Division allows customer design and made-to-purpose electrical control systems.

All Hippo hammer mills for instance are standard fitted with direct on line starters or star delta or soft starters or variable speed drives, as per customer and process requirements.

Other ABC Hansen processing systems include: Silo plants, Grain milling plants, Feed mills, Soy bean processing plants etc. None of these and other processing systems are complete without an ABC Hansen Motor Control Centre.

As direct importers of switchgear and agents for a major VFD drive manufacturer as well as other switchgear suppliers, ABC Hansen Electrical Division is unbeatable for value in MCC’s for all processing plants.

On demand Schneider, Allen Bradley, Siemens and other premium switchgear brands are used by ABC Hansen while it is always imperative that spares are available in countries where MCC’s are supplied. Lower, mid level and high quality industrial level control panels can be supplied, depending on the project budget.

Upgrades of its panels can be done once an entrepreneur is expanding his or her smaller process plant into a more industrial operation.

Panels are built strictly in accordance with South African Quality Standards (SANAS) and includes the electrical wiring and issuance of Certificates of Compliance.

ABC Hansen has for instance developed its own software for batching control systems for feed mills. High quality Unitronics PLC’s control a myriad of functions in a feed mill environment with more than 128 inputs and outputs possible at this stage.

In large scale processing or silo storage plants SCADA based production scheduling is used for interfacing with production control, plant supervisory, direct control and field level sensors and control elements.

The expertise does not stop here. Automation at smaller scale plant level is an ongoing research task, allowing smaller operators the ability to automate at low cost. In remote installations it is often desired to have a simple yet labour saving control system that can be understood and repaired locally.

A GSP/ 3G communication chip allows programming and repair of plant software remotely. It also allows the plant owner to alter his batch controller from a thousand miles away should for instance a certain raw material requirement changes in a feed mill.

ABC Hansen has skilled designers, panel builders and installers in its team of personnel. Not only developing new solutions but also highly skilled at solving problems.

From the automation of water pump stations to commercial factory wiring can for instance be contracted for.

Very often, a high quality ABC Hansen Motor Control Centre will keep a project in - or under budget as this often represents 25 – 30% of the project value. When working directly with the final user, his cost can be controlled and contained.

An apprenticeship program is run by the company to assist in developing tomorrow’s skilled electrical and electronic technicians.


ABC Hansen manufactures all control switchgear and automation systems in-house. The control and automation systems are used in varied processing plants manufactured by ABC Hansen Africa.

This allows custom design and made to purpose control systems. Control systems vary from very simple direct-on-line starters to complex automation controls. Simple direct-on-line starters are for single or more machines in a processing plant.

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