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Mass Measuring

ABC Hansen provides light industrial electronic platform scales of up to 150 kg, as well as tipscales/batch weighers, of up to 50 kg per batch.

Datasheet:SCT Tipscale


Digital Scale 150kg Platform
Special platform scales 1m x 1m platforms 4 ton capacity

Continuous batch weighing system

Since ancient times weighing has been an often used and much acknowledged way by which the quantity and value of a given material is determined. This principle has not changed and is the same today, merely the way the weighing is carried out is very different due to the technological advances…

Principle of weighing

Batch weighers are based on the continuous batch weighing system according to which the material flows constantly through the weigher at a given capacity.
The continuity of the flow is possible without starting and stopping of the auger or elevator, which ensures a high capacity.
Weighing is based on the well-known principle of establishing physical balance between the batch weighed out and the weigher setting.
This ensures optimum accuracy irrespective of the nature and type of material. Contrary to electronic load cell systems, the principle relies on gravity. No need for external power (e.g. electricity or air pressure) the function of the weigher is not affected by heat/cold or dampness/dryness.
All data is either read on a mechanical counter fitted on the weigher or an electronic battery counter. The data can also be transferred by a microswitch to external units of measurment.
The weigher can therefore act as an essential control unit in a complete transport system both in the concern of time and weight quantity.

What can be handled by the weigher?

The weighers are suitable for weighing out grain and other granules with a particle size not exceeding 25mm as well as ground materials whereas they are unfit for fine meal and other substances liable to arching. The weigher can be custom fitted for use with other materials; as different tasks as weighing live trout brood and potato sorting are managed daily by Diplomat weighers.

Where to use the weighers

The weighers are designed to be used in connection with conveying systems for weighing in and out from silos. Cleaning plants, feeding systems etc. and for weighing out mixed fodder or other mixtures in industry and agriculture.

How is the material flow controlled

Controlling the material flow can be done in the following ways:

  • Starting and stopping the conveying system serving the weigher
  • Opening and closing the electrically or pneumatically operated shutters in the flow pipes.
  • These functions can be obtained in all weighers connected to an electronic counter with pre selector switch or other type of electric control.
  • For weigher types D5 and D156 the same function can be obtained by using dosage devices types DE and DRE (see accessories for dosage devices)
  • For weigher type D5K dosage devices types D and DR can be used to control a shutter in the weigher inlet.

The primary uses for the individual weigher types are as follows:


  • Control of feed distribution in poultry production where the weigher is installed between the silo and the feeder.
  • Managing mills for feed mixture in animal production.
  • Managing color and material mixture in plastics   industry.
  • Sacking under the weigher of feed, fertilizer and woodchips.
  • Mixing various granulates in industrial plants.


  • Same uses as D4 and D5 in larger installations
  • Controlling quantities in grain works with elevators, augers, conveyors and cleaners.

D30 – D40

  • Same uses as D15-D25
  • Suitable for sacking because of their high accuracy.
  • D40 especially suitable for large plants up to 80 t/hour.
Weigher type
D4 D5 D15 D25 D30 D40
Capacity;t/h (dry barley) 5 8 15 25 27 40
Contents, kg/comp. Normal 5 10 25 50 50 100
Contents, kg/comp. Min/max 3-7 6-12 20-30 40-60 40-60 70-125
Scale volume, 1 per comp. 13 26 68 130 120 225
Net Weigh, kg 19 30 52 75 85 142
Greatest deviation subject to correct adjustment and operation: ±19% ±0.5%
All weighers are balanced from the factory to weigh out the batch volume indicated. If desired, the volume may be varied within the limits started in the table.

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