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ExPress Soymeal in Swine

Insta Pro® is constantly evaluating new and existing processing technologies at our Hanson & Said Research and Development Center and testing ingredients through multiple animal feeding trials throughout the year. In 2018, a study was conducted at the University of Illinois to update information on digestibility of amino acids and energy concentrations in ExPress® soymeal with respect to hexane-extracted soybean meal fed to growing pigs. ExPress® soymeal had an advantage of +3.6% improved digestibility of essential amino acids in comparison with the hexane-extracted soybean meal.

Digestibility of all amino acids is enhanced in ExPress® soymeal versus hexane-extracted soybean meals. This includes essential amino acids as well as less recognized amino acids like valine, which can limit production in certain situations like the nursery phase.

ExPress® soymeal contains less moisture (higher dry matter) than most ingredients. Less moisture equals concentrated nutrients and more room in the diet for other ingredients. 

Results from this study demonstrate the proper use of processing temperatures during high-shear dry extrusion (which is the cooking step of the ExPress® process) as a key factor to produce a high-quality feed ingredient and consequently, better digestibility of amino acids and increased energy concentration in one ingredient for proper diet formulations.

Furthermore, pigs not only need amino acids but also energy for normal activities, such as growth and meat production. In the same feeding trial it was shown that ExPress® soymeal has +609 kg/DM of metabolizable energy concentration in comparison to solvent-extracted soymeal which means more energy is available to be used by pigs for productive purposes.

This advantage is due to the nutritional value of ExPress® soymeal, which has more residual oil in the meal when compared to the solvent-extracted soymeal. More residual oil in the meal means no need to add fats or oils of questionable quality to swine diets to provide energy. Knowing the values of metabolizable energy and digestible amino acids of ExPress® soymeal allows more precise diet formulation to assure an adequate balance of amino acids and energy in pig diets.

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