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Mobile and stationary double run grain pump

Mobile double loops
Mobile double run grainpumps
Stationary double loop
Stationary double run grainpump

As part of it's handling and conveying range, ABC Hansen offers mobile and stationary doule run grainpumps, with capacities ranging between 40TPH and 150TPH and lengths ranging between 15.8 meters (52') and 25 meters (82'), and with a maximum inclination of 60°

Grain Pump Features
• Requires less horsepower than air systems.
• En masse (grain-moving-grain) concept causes less damage to grain at higher capacities and needs less maintenance than traditional conveying systems.
• Unique UHMW paddle, designed to keep your grain flowing gently and evenly from inlet to discharge.
• Reduction in grain damage when compared to traditional conveying systems.

Heavy duty enclosed gear box
Rigorous gear reducer boot drive furnishes reliable power for driving the machine

Head chain adjustment
Threaded rods on each side of the head allows ease of conveyor chain adjustment.

Hydraulic winch system
The standard hydraulic winch on 10" models produces a smooth, dependable method to raise and lower the conveyor. An economical hand winch is provided standard on 8" models or optional hydraulic and electric winches are available.

Stationary grainpump operations
Stationary grain pumps can be used in various applications at angles from horizontal to 60°. Lengths are available in 5' increments. A flow through inlet is convenient for overhead applications

Grainpump cross section 1Grainpump crossection 2
Cross sections of grainpump

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