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Handling and conveyance

Mobile augers

As part of it's handling and conveying range, ABC Hansen offers mobile augers, with capacities ranging between 30TPH and 110TPH and lengths ranging between 9.5 meters (31') and 24.7 meters (81'), and with a maximum inclination of 45°

Mobile Auger

Wide wheel base

With a wide-based undercarriage design the mobile auger's wide wheel base design and scissor type undercarriage constructed of high strength round tubing means greater stability during operation or while being towed. The tapered roller bearing hubs permit increased towing capability

Sealed Oil Bath Drive

The sealed oil bath drive adds years of life to the drive chain and sprocket as a result of constant self-lubrication. 12" model includes fabricated steel housing for oil bath. All drivelines are solid steel and supported by low maintenance sealed bearings.

Galvanized Finish

The main tube of the mobile auger is a durable galvanized finish. Heavy-duty aircraft cable with trussing aid in supporting the main auger.

Manual or Powered Lift System

A manual winch is standard equipment with labor saving hydraulic or electric winch options available. Hydraulic winch standard on 12" x 71' & 81' models.

Choice of Drives

Your choice of PTO or Electric Drive. The PTO drive can be driven from either side of the auger. A shear mechanism is incorporated in the PTO driveline for component protection. A band-on support provides a convenient method to carry the driveline during transport.

Additional Options

• Internal bearings on 6", 8" and 10" models. Standard on 12".
• Heavy gauge flight on 6", 8", 10" and 12" models.
• Heavy gauge tube on 10" models.
• Maize screens available on 8" and 10" models
The mobile augers supplied by ABC Hansen Africa meet the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Standard Safety for Portable Agricultural Auger Conveying Equipment

Mobile auger lift diagram

Mobile auger lift diagram
Mobile auger lift operating dimensions
Mobile auger operating dimensions

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