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Handling and conveyance

Mobile belt conveyors

Squeeze belt conveyor
Mobile Squeeze Belt Conveyor
Mobile Single Belt Conveyor
Mobile Single Belt Conveyor

As part of it's handling and conveying range, ABC Hansen offers squeeze belt conveyors, with capacities ranging between 100TPH and 240TPH and lengths ranging between 5.8 meters (19') and 16.6 meters (55'), and with a maximum inclination of 45°

Mobile Squeeze Belt Conveyor

• Integrated Intake Feeder Conveyor with independent adjustable hopper side panels.
• Wind guards are standard for belt protection and safety
• Rollers are strategically located to reduce friction and wear on the belts.
• Exclusive Belt Alignment Guide Rollers maintain proper belt tracking for optimum belt life.
• The gentle squeeze of the bottom and top belts convey more volume up steeper inclines with less product damage.
• The Intake Feeder Conveyor folds back over the main drive assembly during transport. Also adjusts for optimum feed of commodity between the two squeeze belts at different conveyor incline angles.

Capacity: Capacities up to 9,000 BPH (243 TPH), based on the drive selection and desired belt speed.
Constant Capacity: Based on dry corn at 35 degree inclines the Squeeze Belt Conveyor out performs all other single belt conveyors by preventing product roll back.
Gentle Handling: The Squeeze Belt® technology maintains grain quality and protects seed germination by gently squeezing a
volume of product between two moving belts.
Long Life Characteristics: Belts, transition pans and our unique belt roller guide system were designed for long lasting performance with two heavy-duty two-ply 15” Crescent Top PVC belts with nylon slider backs. Belt life is rated at 3,000 hours of operation.
Energy Efficient: The Squeeze Belt® Conveyor offers long-term energy savings for the amount of horsepower required versus
the amount of grain moved.
Design: All units feature a durable powder coat finish. The main housing is a rugged 10" galvanized tube for maximum durability.
Drive Options: Both PTO Drive and Electric Drive options are available.

Seed Hopper Attachment, Dolly Wheel, Swivel Arc Axles, and Discharge Diverter

Mobile Single Belt Conveyor

• The unit features a durable powder coat finish. The main housing features a rugged galvanized finish for maximum durability.
• Capacities range from up to 6,000 BPH (162 TPH) depending on incline angle.
• Belt conveyor system provides gentle handling and higher capacity than the same size screw conveyor.
• 10” diameter galvanized main tube available in 60’, 70’ and 85’ lengths.
• Low-maintenance/long wear. Engineered for long lasting performance with heavy-duty two ply 15” Crescent Top PVC belting with nylon slider back.
• Belt life rated at 3,000 hours.
• Low horsepower-unique design. Requires only half the horsepower of comparable length screw conveyors – greatly reducing energy consumption.

Intake/Belt design
The intake area is designed to provide maximum system capacity. The belt is gently transitioned from the flat position through our exclusive formed intake into the tube. This design maximizes through capacity while gently moving the product. The intake design features a springloaded flexible hopper designed to offer a gentle cushion for all grains.

Adjustable belt discharge
All pulleys are wider than the actual belt (per CEMA recommendations). The position of the belt can be quickly and simply adjusted using our exclusive pulley angle adjustment. Controlling the belt position on the pulley prevents possible edge damage that can be encountered on competitive models

Automatic belt tensioner
A spring-loaded belt tensioner on the take-up pulley along with 200 degrees of belt wrap on the lagged drive pulley allows use of lower belt tensions and reduces the chance of belt slippage.

Choice of drives
Select from your choice of PTO or Electric Drive options. Both are designed to provide smooth, consistent performance. Abandon support provides a convenient method to carry the PTO driveline during transport. All belts and pulleys on the Electric Drive model are fully enclosed for safe operation

Squeeze belt table

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