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Handling and conveyance

Mobile chain conveyors

Mobile chain conveyor
Tractor mounted mobile chain conveyor
Mobile chain conveyor and Tractor mounted chain conveyor (Trac Mass-ter)

As part of it's handling and conveying range, ABC Hansen offers mobile chain conveyors, with capacities ranging between 135TPH and 270TPH and lengths ranging between 12.2 meters (40') and 27.4 meters (90'), and with a maximum inclination of 45°

The mobile chain conveyor line is ABC Hansen’s answer to “en masse” conveying systems. You get top performance, long life and reliability with minimum maintenance engineered into each component.

• Requires less horsepower than a screw conveyor.
• E n masse (grain-moving-grain) concept causes less damage to grain at higher capacities and needs less maintenance than traditional conveying systems.
• U nique UHMW paddle, designed to keep your grain flowing gently and evenly from inlet to discharge

Unique chain and paddle design
The unique shape of tough UHMW paddles maintains full chamber movement of grain without fall-back. The open centers of the paddles provide relief when starting under a full load. And, our square paddle propulsion system requires less horsepower than a screw conveyor – up to 30% energy savings can be gained! Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or updating your present facilities, you’ll find our mobile chain conveyor ready to meet your demands.

Hydraulic WINCH System
The hydraulic winch that is standard on longer units provides a smooth dependable method to raise and lower the conveyor.
An optional electric winch is available for selected lengths.

Expandable Axle
Available on Model 85 – 80’ and 90’ units, the expandable axle provides stability and a more convenient transport width

Trac Mass-Ter
The Hutchinson Trac Mass-ter is a unique conveyor. Two industry-preferred conveying methods are combined to maximize
efficiency and minimize wear. A large diameter, low speed screw in the hopper moves grain to the inclined chain conveyor
where UHMW paddles quickly but gently carry the material from intake to discharge. Patterned after the model 85 Mass-ter
Mover, the Trac Mass-ter incline conveyor is a versatile performer that has been utilized in horizontal or inclined applications
on many large farms and commercial operations. It performs well where low horsepower requirements, quiet operation,
gentle handling and longevity are important. Combined with the large 16” screw conveyor intake, this product is ready for
those jobs requiring day after day operation.

Mobile chain conveyor table

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