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Handling and conveyance

Mobile grain hoppers

Mobile roll away hopper
Roll-Away Hopper
Mobile chain hopper
Drive Over Chain Hopper
Mobile belt hopper
Transfer Belt Hopper

As part of it's handling and conveying range, ABC Hansen offers mobile reception hoppers, with capacities ranging between 30TPH and 216TPH.
The mobile reception hopper replace the need for a concrete dump pit, or an above ground reception bin. These hoppers are especially efficient when using backtipping trucks/trailers, or bottom draw trucks/trailers

Roll-Away hopper

The Roll-Away Hopper is designed for convenience and versatility. For fast and convenient unloading, the Roll-Away Hopper facilitates various applications such as feeding portable augers, cleaners or anything with a high intake or otherwise limited access. Low clearance capabilities allow for easy pickup from horizontal bin unloaders, gravity wagons, hopper bottom semi-trucks or other applications. Wheels for the hopper can be positioned
allowing for side to side or forward movement.

This unit provides a convenient method to unload into a bucket elevator, mobile augers, chain conveyors, belt convyeors, grain loops or fixed augers.
A swivel ring arrangement at the discharge end allows a secure pivot point
The flex angle connection provides a level hopper in any position.
Available in electric drive, PTO or hydraulic drive

Rollaway hopper specifications


Drive over chain conveyor

• Low profile 8 3/4" (22.2 cm) unit makes operation of driving over and unloading an effortless task.
• Portability provides convenience of quickly moving to next location. Lower the wheels, fold up the ramps and you are ready to go.
• Electric jack shaft drive furnishes an economical, reliable drive. Hydraulic motor drive is also available
• Reinforced ramps will fold for narrow transport width
• Rotating the axle by employing the ratchet jack along with using the hitch jack allows easy conversion for hopper transportation.
• Removable hitch allows for additional operator convenience during operation

Drive over chain conveyor specifications


Transfer Belt Hopper

• The low profile hopper requires only 9 7/8” (19 cm) of clearance with end wheels installed.
• A spring-loaded canvas extension expands capacity and productivity
The Portable Belt Conveyor Transfer Hopper can be powered by your choice of a 5 hp (4 kW) Electric Motor or a Hydraulic Motor.
Integrated incline adjustment: A jack stand integrated into the side of the unit lets you quickly adjust the incline of the discharge.

Optional equipment
Swing Away Kit: The optional Swing-Away Kit includes hopper pivot wheels and a discharge spout swivel bracket. This kit allows the portable unit to be adapted to an existing Portable Belt Conveyor for added versatility on your operation.
Hydraulic End Wheel Drive Kit: This option hydraulically drives the end wheel to quickly and easily move the hopper in and out of unloading position. Use this in conjunction with the Swing-Away Kit above
Towing Kit: The optional Towing Kit includes the basic undercarriage with roadway wheels, tires and hitch.

Mobile hopper transfer belt specifications

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