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Grain Storage & Handling Solutions

ABC Hansen offers a complete solution from conceptualisation to completion including design, engineering, civil works, supply, installation, electric and other control system, automation and training for all customers through all corners of Africa and for every free flowing product that requires storage.

From weighbridges, intake, cleaning, drying, conveying, storage, aeration, fumigation and unloading, the complete process is undertaken by ABC Hansen. Own installation teams well equipped with hydraulic lifts complete every step of the way.

A silo complex of any size would be a global achievement with top quality components from North and South America, Germany, Denmark, South Africa, Turkey, China and Japan as well as contributions from the country of installation. Each item is of world class manufacture, and virtually every spare part can be supplied within 48 hours if necessary.

Technicians are available to board an aircraft to any international destination from Johannesburg within 50 kilometers from our factory.

ABC Hansen Africa Silo solutions

ABC Hansen Africa provides complete silo projects with all the needed silo accessories and ancillary equipment such as in silo dryers, aeration, conveyance, temperature monitoring, moisture testers, moisture adding devices and much more. Have a look at the rest of the site to see all of the options that can be added to you silos project

Silos from ABC Hansen Africa have a useful life of up to 30 years with a galvanisation rating of G115/350g/m2.

With minimal effort and an ABC Hansen silo, you can be the master of your crop and your investment.

Silos in your area may be leased by the current owner in total to large food corporations, leaving you to find storage many miles away, if available, or forcing you to sell to the large corporations on their terms - except if you have your own silos on farm.

Without a farm silo the cost may be increased to the point where you are forced to sell your grain at a timing not entirely in your interest. From a logistical point of view, an ABC Hansen silo would enable you to contract transport at favourable rates, and would allow you to sell to customers of your choice, and would speed up your harvesting process.

Modern on-farm silo systems must provide for proper management controls such as temperature control and aeration systems, fumigation systems and good handling and storage equipment.

ABC Hansen is a supplier of high quality American silos from MFS out of Nebraska, USA and have their own erection teams, to ensure quality and correct installation of the silos and handling equipment. ABC Hansen also offers peace of mind, as we carry spare parts of all of the silo's and handling equipment supplied, in their group owned 2,000 square meter warehouse in Pretoria, South Africa, so long waiting times for spare parts from the USA is something of the past.

As stated above ABC Hansen supplies silos manufactured by large scale American companies to ensure that you get the best silo's and the most effective handling equipment, at the best prices, and to ensure that the customer has peace of mind, knowing that the equipment he has purchased was the right choice.

ABC Hansen delivers grain storage and silo projects that will serve you for 30 years, so remember to buy silos on quality, not on cost.


Customer Feedback

The following is feedback on a silo project ABC Hansen Grain did adjustments on.

“ The changes have worked out very well. We are running maize transfer at 13t/hr nonstop. Chain conveyors are the best for this job. I only have to grease my bearings. My millers are happy the boss is happy and everything is just great. We are only stopping production for maintenance work. Thanks again.”

Technical Product Info

Drying and Moisture Control:


Flat storage solutions:

  • Mechanisation of existing or new buildings
  • Grain reservoirs
  • Semi circular all steel buildings
  • Bunkers

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