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Aeration & Drying

Why Dry your grain?

  • When grain is harvested it is in the best condition it will ever be. It can only go into worse condition.
  • Drying will increase the storage life of harvested grain.

What types of drying is there?

  • Aeration – While not a form of drying is essential to the drying process. It is simply forcing air through the grain mass to maintain condition.
  • Natural Air Drying – Is the use of outside ambient air without the addition of heat.
  • Mechanical dryers (screen type, tower dryers etc.)
  • In-Bin or In-silo drying.

drying your grain in tropical climates.

  • Cooling grain is probably not an option in tropical climates and other measures must be taken.
  • Moisture control is the only choice to keep your grain in condition.
  • Grain must be dried to a lower moisture content in tropical conditions than in temperate climates (corn 12-13%).

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