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Multimix Blender

Feed mixing, a critical part of your feed mill

Mixing your feed is probably the most critical part of your feed mill – an efficient and accurate mixer will determine your feed quality all the way down the line, and this will also be a large determining factor in  the capacity of your system.

ABC Hansen offers basically two types of feed mixers – being horizontal paddle type mixers – with capacities ranging between 100kg per batch up to 1 ton per batch – which are ideal for mixing concentrates and free flowing products – and then a range of inclined spiral auger mixers – which are used in the production of full rations – specifically in dairies, cattle feedlots, and sheep and goat production, where a single mixer is used for shredding whole bales, and mixing concentrates, maize and micro ingredients for producing a homogenous total mix ration or dairy mix ration.

Click on the options below for detailed information sheets, videos and specifications of the feed mixing equipment that we offer with indicative pricing.

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