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Forage and harvesting

Forage/Silage equipment:
Forage harvesting and storage have become more and more important in the African context – due to higher demands of production, more competition and the neccesity to have the best yields possible from our farms. ABC Hansen provides solutions for forage harvesting and storage in silage bags for optimal silage production. 


Single and double head maize harvesters
Due to increased production of maize by small and medium farmers, ABC Hansen has identified a need for affordable harvesting equipment. Large scale combines are simply priced out of reach of most small and medium farmers, and are designed for extensive farming operations – leaving many farmers to eiher harvest by hand – or to be at the mercey of harvesting contractors. Hence our introduction of the tow behind maize harvesters in either single or double row – giving an affordable option to smaller players – to stay in control of their harvest. 


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