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Complete Solutions to the Grain Value Chain


It’s not enough to sell a processing system and expect local electricians to provide the very specific solutions required to make the system work optimally.

For that reason ABC Hansen has had a fully equipped electrical workshop and design centre geared to the building of motor control centres. A qualified team of engineers and electricians with specific skills provide our customers with custom made solutions, whether for silo complexes, feed mills, maize, wheat and other fine mills, oil expelling and oilseeds processing plant or just the correct starters and controls to individual machines be that soft-starters, frequency inverters, star-delta starters or regular direct on line starters.

These hardware solutions are complemented with software applications enabling the processor to adjust operational speed, batch controlling through our in-house designed fully automated Compribatch controller. We excel at providing secure control systems with electronic touch screen and user identified controllers.

Secure systems for loading and unloading grain in silo complexes which can be remotely locked and unlocked and where operator identity can be tracked are supplied combined with remote accessed camera coverage of the areas of concern.

But we go beyond supply. The company installs all control centres and electric motor connections according to the latest specification by qualified installers, whether in Cape Town or Kampala. Our electrical installers also have good mechanical knowledge of our equipment and understand the performance required from each machine. 90% of things that goes wrong at processing plants are electrical issues. Avoid this by ordering your switchgear and MCC’s from ABC Hansen. And our prices would lift a burden off your shoulders too.

Very often, electrical switchgear and MCC’s can amount to more than 25% of total plant cost. This is unnecessary if you know where to shop. And that shop is ABC Hansen. Even electric motors, inverters, panel enclosures and individual switchgear components can be bought at a fraction of the price you would pay from a local supplier.

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