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The ABC Africa Group supplies Grain Storage and Handling Equipment, Oil Expelling Equipment, Maize and Wheat Mills, Milling Supplies and associated equipment to the whole world with a concentration on markets in Africa.

Most products we sell are listed in our online shop with a full description and information. We try to include all specs, prices and dimensions on the item description but if anything is unclear we would love for you to contact us.


Hippo hammer mills

All Hippo mills have fixed hammers from hard wearing bennox steel rather than fails, allowing for greater particle damage. Hammers are spaced to run over the entire width of the screen creating higher abrasion and impact damage to particles and allowing for faster screening. The fallacy that 360 degree screens allow for higher capacity is just that. The fixed milling backplate causes far more particle damage than a perforated screen.

A mill for a lifetime? We still repair and replace parts of mills originally manufactured during the 1940’s and 50’s. Can  it anything else?

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