250T Silo



250T silo

Flat bottom or flush floor commercial silo.

Suitable for storage of free flowing granular commodities with densities of up to 830kg/m³ – including maize, soy, wheat, barley, rye, rice, many types of nuts, nut shells and other commodities.

Diameter: 7,330mm
Eave height: 7,610mm
Peak height: 9,650mm
Total storage space: 348m³
Approximate silo weight: 3,268kg

Galvanizing rating:                 350g/m²
Sidewall corrugation pitch:   65mm
Outside stiffened silo –         2 stiffeners per sheet
Roof angle:                            30º
Wind rating:                           144km/hr
Max peak load:                      1814kg (4,000lbs)
Standard seismic zone:        Zone 0 (upgrades available)

Note: other size configurations are available on request – for lower, wider silos, or narrower higher silos, to fit into restrained spaces.

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