Bucket elevators 5-150TPH

R52,212.30R584,568.00 Incl. Vat

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A bucket elevator, also known in the US as a grain leg – is a machine for conveying grain and other flowable granular products – usually vertically.

A bucket elevator consists basically of:
– Buckets to scoop up material from the boot of the elevator
– A belt or chain that the buckets are fastened to
– A drive unit, that drives the top belt pulley
– Inlet in the boot of the elevator (usually in the up leg)
– Outlet in the head of the elevator (always in the down leg)

Vertical bucket elevators rely on centrifugal force to discharge the product from the bucket as it crests over the top belt pulley, into the outlet chute.

All ABC Hansen bucket elevators are fitted with oil resistant belting, and HD-PolyEthylene buckets, for minimal power consumption and maximum lifespan and stretch.

Bucket elevators are widely used in the conveyance of grain – and have two major advantages:
1) Very low breakage of grain during conveyance
2) Very small footprint compared to other conveyors, as the elevator is mounted vertically.

For a technical datasheet on our elevators, pleas click here – COBE – Bucket Elevator

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 350 cm
Bucket Elevator Sizes

Bucket elevator 5TPH – 6M, Bucket elevator 5TPH – 10M, Bucket elevator 5TPH – 14M, Bucket elevator 10TPH – 6M, Bucket elevator 10TPH – 10M, Bucket elevator 10TPH – 14M, Bucket elevator 25TPH – 10M, Bucket elevator 25TPH – 15M, Bucket elevator 25TPH – 20M, Bucket elevator 50TPH – 10M, Bucket elevator 50TPH – 15M, Bucket elevator 50TPH – 20M, Bucket elevator 50TPH – 25M, Bucket elevator 100TPH – 15M, Bucket elevator 100TPH – 20M, Bucket elevator 100TPH – 25M, Bucket elevator 100TPH – 30M, Bucket elevator 150TPH – 20M, Bucket elevator 150TPH – 25M, Bucket elevator 150TPH – 30M

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