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As part of our soy bean and maize processing lines, ABC Hansen Africa also offers a range of extruders.
Extruders have many uses, but are mainly used in the soy bean processing industry, to heat the soy beans to above 145ºC and thus break down the trypsin inhibitors, increasing the digestibility of the beans for animal feed, and in the maize and grains industry for producing pre-cooked flours – such as CSB (corn soy blend) for feeding schemes and hunger relief.

The principle of the extruder is that the product is compressed in the barrel of the extruder by a mechanical screw, to very high pressure, which causes high heat buildup in the compression chamber. The product is then released through a small opening at the end of the barrel, where the product rapidly decompresses, and puffs up, or expands once it exits the barrel.

ABC Hansen extruders are capable of cooking, expanding and sterilizing a wide range of products. By creating heat through friction and pressure, the extrusion process allows for high heat and short cook time, producing high quality feed and food.

ABC Hansen offers two ranges of extruder
– South African produced extruder – from 22KW-75KW drive for a technical datasheet click here: EXTR – Extruders
– The the world famous Instapro range of extruders – made in the USA – for high volume producers – for a technical datasheet click here: 001 Insta-Pro Extruders 2000

Additional information

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 350 cm
Extruder Capacity

Extruder ABC100 – 22KW, Extruder ABC160 – 55KW, Extruder ABC165 – 75KW, Extruder Instapro-2000 90KW

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