Hippo Hammer Mill – Baby

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Made in SA

This is the second of the range (The Pygmy is smaller, and the Size 1 is one model up) and is popular for home and small industries. They are used mainly in the Spice, Herbs & Maize Milling . They are also used in Industry for milling light industrial products such as Foam, Plastics and Recycling.

There are two configurations available on the Hippo Baby.
A) Front drop configuration: The hammer mills is as a standard hammer mill – and only has a bag off attachment at the front of the mill at approximately 750mm height, thus product is milled through the hammer mill, and is directly discharged from the front of the mill to a bag. This option has no dust control. The performance and capacity of the mill stays the same. The front drop option is available on all drive options.
B) With Fan configuration: The hammer is fitted with an integrated material handling fan – as with the Size 1 to Size 69 mills – where product is sucked from the milling chamber, and pushed to a cyclone, fitted with a dust sock – nearly dust free milling. The with fan configuration is available in all drive models, except for the 2.2KW single phase units.

With fan units – are fitted standard with our innovative automatic infeed control system, that regulates the feed into the mill automatically, using the airflow from the material handling fan, to open and close the inlet of the hammer mill, depending on the airflow through the milling chamber (a fuller chamber, allows less airflow, which will then have the inlet move to a closed position preventing overfeeding. Once the milling chamber is emptied and airflow isn’t restricted anymore, the air flow will pull open the inlet again – allowing product to be fed in again – thus ensuring optimal performance from your hammer mill. 

There are four drive options available
– Single phase 2.2KW electric (only on front drop model)
– Three phase 4KW electric (front drop and with fan models)
– 5.5HP Briggs and Stratton Petrol engine
– 10HP JD Aircooled diesel engine

Specifications at a glance:

Screen hole size Capacity (kg/hr)
0.8mm       100
1.6mm       200
4mm       400
8mm       700

Rotor RPM: 5,100
Inlet size: 100mm x 140mm
Screen area:  640cm²
Tip speed at standard RPM: 63m/second

ABC Hansen only fits high quality FAG Bearings on our mills – due to the high speed that our mills run, and due to the high pressures

The design of the Baby HIPPO HAMMER MILL is unique in that there are no chopping knives, as the material is being fed directly onto the tips of the rotating hammers in the direction in which the hammers are rotating. The milled material is gravity fed out the front of the mill at a convenient bag off height of 850mm on the front drop models, and at a height of 850mm from the cyclone on the with fan models.

A wide range of screens is available, from 25mm down to 0.6mm aperture to be able to produce nearly any particle size required.
The mills are all a bolt together construction, which gives the mill an exceptionally long lifespan, and make replacing of parts and repairs easy and quick.
HIPPO HAMMERMILLS have been manufactured in South Africa since 1928, and parts are readily available from our warehouse, usually within 24 hours or less from order.
HIPPO HAMMERMILLS from models Baby up to Size 69 are based on cast iron milling plates, which drastically increases the lifespan of the mill, compared to competitors. The Hippo Baby is a part of the entry level model range, together with the Hippo Pygmy, for mid range capacity, but without giving up the exceptional quality and lifespan synonymous with Hippo Hammer Mills.

All milling tips are manufactured from Bennox steel to ensure long lifetime on these parts and optional Hardox can be ordered separately for exceptionally abrasive materials.

For a technical datasheet – please click here: MH-B – Hippo Baby



Hippo Hammer mill Particle Distribution – based on standard full hammer, 100m/s tip speed



Additional information

Weight 103 kg
Dimensions 75 × 48 × 114 cm
Hippo Capacity / Model

Hippo Baby – 2.2kW, Electric, Front Drop, Hippo Baby – 4kW, Electric, Air lift with Dust Control, Hippo Baby – 4kW, Electric, Front Drop, Hippo Baby – 5.5HP, Petrol, Air lift with Dust Control, Hippo Baby – 5.5HP, Petrol, Front Drop, Hippo Baby – 8HP, Diesel, Air lift with Dust Control, Hippo Baby – 8HP, Diesel, Front Drop, Hippo Baby – No Motor, Air lift with Dust Control, Hippo Baby – No Motor, Front Drop

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