How to make Commercial Small Scale Milling Work – E-Book

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With his experience in building, running, operating and selling numerous small and medium scale mills over the last 30 years, Mario van Niekerk has compounded his experience into an easy to understand – easy to read and insightful e-book.

We highly recommend reading this book when considering a purchasing a milling plant or starting or expanding a milling enterprise – for new entrepreneurs and seasoned small scale millers looking to expand.

The chaper list will give you a broad oversight of what is covered in this e-book

  1. What is commercial small to medium scale milling?
  2. Grading of grain
  3. Economic consideration of milling
  4. Storage requirements and solutions for grain handling
  5. The economics of milling – Understanding milling from the perspective of an accountant
  6. Milling for human consumption: An answer to a need and answering changed needs
  7. Maize milling fundamentals
  8. Small and medium scale milling and the options
  9. Wheat milling
  10. Milling of other commercial grains
  11. What do I get for my buck? Cost of various mill and a finance template
  12. Conclusion

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